Europe Is At It Again

One of the most revolting discoveries of the past two years is the degree of anti-Semitism still inherent in European society. One would think that the Holocaust got it out of their system, but I guess not. My friend David Levitz, who has been working in Denmark, has experienced this rise in anti-Semitism personally, and has been shocked by the complacency of the majority of the Danish people.
An article that has come out recently on this is by Jeffry V. Mallow, President of the Labor Zionist Alliance. I highly suggest you read all of it, and have included a part of the text below.
[from Save European Jewry?]
“Following two suicide bombings in September, for which Hamas and Islamic Jihad took credit, Israel again isolated Yaser Arafat in his Ramallah compound. This move, yet another act of desperation by Prime Minister Sharon, was both unwise and counterproductive, doing nothing to encourage Palestinian moderates and everything to strengthen radicals. And, predictably, it had to be undone.
But even more predictable, and discouraging, was the European response. For two days, starting with the first of the two suicide bombings and continuing through the second, deafening silence. As soon as the Israeli retaliation began, there was the European Union’s statement of condemnation. As usual, it contained a nod to Israel’s “legitimate security needs” — in the context of how the retaliation did nothing to secure these. True, but coming from those who said nothing between the bombings and the retaliation, the concern rings a bit hollow. And it is in keeping with the previous behavior of the EU: its selective morality, its collective amnesia on the Barak offer and the Arafat rejection, its admission that it knew that some of its funds to the Palestinian Authority were going for arms. What is the effect of all this? The EU is doing precisely that of which it accuses Sharon: undercutting Palestinian moderates and encouraging radicals. And it is also undercutting Jewish moderates and encouraging radicals.”
* * *
“There is no daylight between the behaviors of the best and worst of Western European nations. I fear that the mission of American and Israeli Jews over the next years may be to rescue European Jewry. Not that there are no positive signs. France in the last weeks has apparently put a halt to physical attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions. (Why did it take two years? And why did it only happen when non-Jewish state institutions also came under attack?) A French delegate to the European Parliament has demanded an accounting of EU monies used by the Palestinian Authority to purchase weapons, and has called for appropriate sanctions. Some Danish Muslims have spoken out against attacks on Jews. Non-Jewish Danish friends have tried to reassure me that “native Danes” are not anti-Semitic, and that there is no reason for Jews to emigrate. Perhaps. Perhaps Europe is at a crossroads and may still choose the right path. Or perhaps it is already too late.”


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