Letter to NYTimes

[A letter sent to the New York Times regarding the article by Matthew Purdy “On Issue of Israel, Campuses Can’t Tell Left From Right”]
Matthew Purdy’s “On Issue of Israel, Campuses Can’t Tell Left From Right” (Nov 17th) is what could be considered the perfect example of biased reporting.
The reporter, Matthew Purdy, shows the anti-divestment people as conflicted, unsure of their beliefs–making the reader question why, if their beliefs were true, would they be so ambiguous.
On the other hand the anti-Israel activists, most of which he made sure to point out were Jews, were portrayed as ‘enlightened’ and ‘devoid of Israeli myths.’
As a left-wing Jew, who actively strove to make peace in the Middle East through founding and directing a peace project, I can wholeheartedly say that I have no qualms about supporting Israel. Since Americans were so absolutely willing to undergo checkpoints when a sniper is on the loose, they should understand Israel’s need to protect it’s people when scores of snipers and human-guided bombs threaten every minute of every day.
The New York Times should be ashamed of itself for allowing Matthew Purdy to write such a biased piece of propaganda, and should think of hiring a more professional reporter in his place.


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