[response to Harold Braswell,

[response to Harold Braswell, who wrote the following letter to the Spectator]
Mr. Braswell,
I am disappointed that a fellow student at Columbia University would publish the personal attack you published against me in last Thursday’s Spectator.
You do not know me. I spent the past four years in Israel, founded and directed a people-to-people grassroots peace project, and have been involved in Middle East affairs for the past six years.
And yet you publicly and loudly proclaimed me a spreader of “hate propaganda” and likened me to the Nazis.
It takes one breath to proclaim someone a racist, and years to correct the mistake.
It is hatred and public personal attacks such as your own that have made peace in the Middle East but a dream.
I wrote the article in order to engender debate. People must have different opinions, and it is that disagreement, and the debate that ensues, that in the end uncovers the truth. But instead of debating the points I raised you ridiculed my rhetoric and decried me in public.
You called my facts myths, and yet did not suggest nor prove that they were wrong. Could that be because you cannot? The fact is that there is no Palestinian “Peace Now” and if the Palestinians would turn to non-violent demonstrations, or if their leadership would have accepted the Barak plan or even submitted a counter-offer, there would be a Palestinian State.
The fact is that Israel has been involved in negotiations since its inception, and that the PLO did not even accept “international law” until 1988. And even afterwards it can be seen that it resorted to terrorism, including suicide attacks and airplane hijackings to make their case.
I am sure, Mr. Braswell, that you do not support terrorism as a legitimate means of protest.
I hope that, in the future, you take some responsibility and make good arguments, not attacks.


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