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[Response to my post of May 30th by Omri Goldshtrum]
i think the answer lies in history (i feel like jon). i don’t know a lot of history, but i know that during the early middle ages, the muslims had a peaceful existence from india all the way through spain. and more impressive, they had a peaceful COexistence, extending freedom to non-muslim citizens in muslim states. in spain, jews, for example, could have any gov’t position except king. it was the christians at the time that were barbaric. they made up all kinds of tales of holy crusades to justify taking their young and sending them to jerusalem to kill muslims and jews (sounds familiar, huh?). it was a slaughter, not a war. in the long run, they not only won back the european countries politically but expelled the non-christians after killing or force-converting tens of thousands (the
now the holy books of the muslims, jews, and christians have not changed since well before those times (except for an addition of one book by catholics). so it was just the interpretation.
therefore, i think the situation is bound to subside because people have always persevered based on what makes sense, even if it required hundreds of years of suffering to get the lesson. i like when people make doomsday predictions, but i challenge you to consider: when have they ever, EVER, even once come true? the usa and ussr didn’t decimate the world in nuclear holocaust, the nations of the world didn’t eradicate the jews in social holocaust, imperialism fell, etc.
as far as solutions, i would offer that people have to choose to stop violence. in the end, that is the only way that the violence will end.
however, this is a bilateral situation. people in the west think it’s ok to wage violence if it’s through the use of an organized military, with a cause that the citizens feel is substantial provocation, and when they have the support of other western nations. this is as justified as an inquisition or holocaust: it’s the justified, organized killing of a group of people that don’t serve your cause based on your accepted cultural norms.
i’m not trying to be provocative here to call americans or israelis or western nations nazis… or catholics. but put your pride down for a
second. can you truly justify voting for officials, displaying bumper stickers, defending in public spheres the organized killing of other humans? who cares how “bad” they are or what they’ve done to you. you can justify killing another person? these are insanely primitive tendencies. why is it so ok? because we have human rights laws that try to minimize the loss of those living through the violence that we haven’t grouped as “worth killing”? because we wear uniforms and have a code to our executions?
now whether you think it’s sustainable to start leading the world into nonviolence or not, see if you agree with the philosophy that this is what you wish ideally for the world: no more justifying the systematic depression, destruction, and decimation of other nations and peoples.
if it interests you, i could write how i think it could be achieved. in any case, i know your situation is difficult, ariel and others, and i understand that you’re not a nation but one citizen. my suggestion for your life (and this is to everyone) is that if you ever feel conflicted by what you know is truly the more loving solution and what feels more jusitifiable (but less loving), to go with the solution that is more loving. this is an outlook on life, a philosophy. i could also write about the practicality of such a way of life. i offer this solution to your heart, so you won’t hear it if your brain decides everything in your life. i hope you have a marriage of the
two and your mind can appreciate the love, too.
– omri
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