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Immediate Reaction

I must admit, I am writing this email hoping one of you will be able to consol me and tell me that I am simply over-reacting to the situation. I await your responses.
Having that said, I wanted to pose a question I have been thinking about for a while now: Will the Free World fall because of its freedom? Will the Pax Americana end like the Pax Romana, being raided by barbarian tribes which will send the world into another Dark Ages? Will our own freedoms prove to be our downfall?
I know that a number of people have warned us not to over-react to the terrorism warnings issued lately, but as a resident of Israel I can assure you that there is a lot to worry about. I trust the Shabak a whole lot more than I do the FBI, and the Mossad more than the CIA. And if Palestinian bombers can get through Israel’s defenses, and obtain weapons, I am sure that those terrorists who plan on destroying the United States will be able to put together a bomb-or-two. Let alone get their hands on non-conventional weapons.
So sure, we can listen to Thomas Freidman and continue with our lives as if September 11th never happend, and we can disregard anything we read anywhere about how “it’s not if but when…” or the sort of warnings issued on, but lets face it: terrorism isn’t just Israel’s problem anymore.
Nor is it the USA’s.
So as I see it it comes to this: Will it be us or them. And who is them? In no way do I think that the entire Muslim world is against us. But we cannot ignore the fact that terrorism does seem to originate in tyrannical muslim states.
Will a full scale war on Iraq do something to stop the funding and arms pouring out of Iran and Saudi Arabia? Does this mean that the Free World will have to pre-empt them all by destroying the militant-Islamic world? Should we just cut to the chase and nuke Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Sudan, etc.?
Can we ever make peace with those who dress their children up as suicide bombers, who say it would be their highest honor to kill themselves while hurting innocent civilians, who target the old in city parks, who gut and butcher any who oppose them? Or will they just ‘grow out of it’ as if it was a fad?
Can anyone out there convince me that this situation does not call for full-scale military action? What will it take before we act against those sponsors of terror? How many non-conventional attacks? How many casualties? How much longer can we remain humane when our homes and families are threatened?


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